EWDC 2016: Hope in a Changing Climate


The 2016 Ecumenical World Development Conference is taking place on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 April 2016 in Coventry at The Central Hall.

Across the UK and across the world, Christians are working to care for God’s earth and for each other.¬†Following on from the recent COP 21 Meeting and outcomes in Paris, it’s vital that the Church continues to play a role in the response going forward.

  • How does the Paris Agreement give support to our efforts?
  • Does it re-ignite hope that the most dangerous climate change can be avoided?
  • What needs to happen to strengthen what was agreed?
  • And how can we, sustained and guided by our hope in Christ, work in our churches and across denominational and national boundaries for a vision of a restored creation?

Speakers include:

  • Leading climate scientist Myles Allen;
  • Theologians Michael Northcott, Martin Poulsom, Rosalind Selby and Ruth Valerio;
  • Climate communicator George Marshall;
  • Climate advocates Paul Cook and Mark Letcher;
  • Church leaders Jo Herbert, Bishop William Kenney, Rachel Lampard, and Bishop Graham Usher.

If you are interested in how the church responds to climate change, this event is for you. We hope you’ll join us!